A Year Underfoot


July 2nd, 2033

I slept on the roof of a twenty-dollar a night flophouse in East Hollywood last night. I paid for a room, but I couldn’t bring myself to sleep indoors. I ended up spending the night on the roof, propped up against an old pigeon coop, staring across at the city lights and making out lists of supplies I’ll need once it all hits the fan.

I never thought my life would’ve turned out like this, but, then again, who ever does?

As soon as the money store opens up in the morning, I’m cashing out the EBT card I received from the State for living expenses and then I’m heading over to the Army surplus store to stock up. The card is good for three hundred and eighty-one dollars and I plan on spending at least half of that supplementing my gear, – the rest on food and ammo.



About paul nevins

Fiction writer, reader and baseball fan.
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