A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #49

A Year Underfoot


September 6th, 2033

I’ve decided to take another crack at the air base. Bagman thinks it’s too dangerous and plans to sit this one out. He’s probably right, but I can’t sit around any longer. The C-4 is burning a hole in my pocket and I’m tired of seeing these clowns running around at will.

I’ve got to hit them.

I have C-4, blasting caps and a wind-up watch.

If I attach the C-4 to a transport heading to the base, I can have them deliver the charge for me. Set watch for a couple of hours later and let the fireworks begin. It seems simple enough.

The trick is how to do it.

Bagman’s helping me work on an adhesive, – a super glue, I can apply to the C-4 so I can stick it anywhere. I also need to find a way to color the gray of the C-4 to match the flat black exteriors of the transports if I hope to get the charges through the checkpoints.



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Fiction writer, reader and baseball fan.
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