A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #66

A Year Underfoot

October 11th, 2033

I had a vision early this morning.

I was on the bridge of a battleship where an information officer was presenting a three dimensional map of North America to a cadre of generals and junior officers. The map showed the location of the two battleships stationed over North America. One hovered high over Virginia on the eastern seaboard, while the other sat above the Los Angeles basin. Between the two, and stationed at much lower altitudes, sat a number of similar, but smaller ships serving to lord over the interior of the continent.

The map changed as a new class of ship came into view. Larger, yet somehow less threatening than the battleships, I counted five in all, and they were positioned over the Great Lakes region, and although I didn’t understand what the information officer was saying, the image spoke volumes. The massive ships were there to drain the lakes.

It became clear to me why the Threak have invaded, – they’ve come for the resources. Water. Timber. Minerals.

The harvest of the planet was set to begin.

My eyes popped open and I was back in the here and now. I lay there quietly on my bunk staring up into the darkness.

The harvest was set to begin.



About paul nevins

Fiction writer, reader and baseball fan.
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