A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #79

A Year Underfoot


November 4th, 2033

My trip down the Interstate went smoothly and I am happy to report I’m the proud owner of two CB sets, – and a half dozen antennas as well. One unit appears to be in great shape, an EICO Sentinel 23, while the other, an older, larger rig is too beat up and rusted to tell what the make and model number are. I doubt if it’ll even power up, but I grabbed it just the same.

After I’d stashed the pair in my backpack the thought struck me to find a phone book and see if there might have been any radio repair shops in the area. I found two listings that piqued my interest. One in particular stood out, a Mom & Pop electronic shop well off the beaten path on the south side of town. Primarily a cell phone retailer, the ad also noted “Radio Repair, All Makes, All Models, Tubes Welcome!”


I slipped back out into the night and headed south.

Three hours later I was in the back of the ransacked shop, rifling through the mess when I came across an unopened cardboard box labeled, “Assorted Capacitors and Resistors”. Just the type of thing I was looking for, parts, parts and more parts.

I opened the box and pumped my fist, not only did the small box contain dozens of the vintage resistors and capacitors as advertised, but it held a half dozen 40-watt tubes as well.

Now I just need to figure out how all this stuff works, if it even works at all.



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