A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #80

A Year Underfoot


November 5th, 2033

I have a two-way radio up and running.

It was quite simple to hook up, really. All I needed to pull together was a car battery for power and a length of coaxial cable for the antenna and I’d be in business, – as long as the unit wasn’t fried.

I opened up and cleaned up the unit as best I could. I wired it to the battery, double checked the connections, crossed my fingers and flipped the switch.

Yes! The face-plate lit up. And, so did I.

I turned the selector knob and clicked through the 23 channels and was greeted with static at each turn. I went through the dial a few more times before leaving the unit set to channel 9, the traditional emergency channel, and laid back down on my cot. I listened to the static for a good hour before I switched the unit off and fell asleep.

White noise never sounded so good.

But, a human voice would’ve sounded so much better.

I have the parts for another unit, but I haven’t the expertise to put one together. The only person I know who might be able to help me is Dan Wolfe. He may not know how to build it himself, but I’ll bet he knows who can. He’s got the connections to make this happen.

I’ll have to make a trip north.



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Fiction writer, reader and baseball fan.
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