A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #94

A Year Underfoot


November 23rd, 2033

What a day!

I arrived at Ross’ camp in the early hours and found Dan felling trees for a small cabin he’s building a few hundred yards to the south of the main camp. He had Jimmy with him and I sat watching the two working together before announcing my presence.

“Mind if I take a few whacks at it?”

Be my guest. Dan said, handing me the axe.

“I heard they let you out for good behavior.” I said.

“Is that what that was?”

I couldn’ t hold it any longer. I set the axe down and gave my friend a big hug.

“I’m glad you guys made it.” I said.

“Thanks for bringing Jimmy here.” He nodded and we simply smiled at the acknowledgment of our good fortune, knowing full well this could have turned out much differently.

“One helluva storm.” I said and Dan knew exactly where I was going with it.

“Electricity is not their friend.”

“Not at all.” I said with a smile. “Not at all. ”

Jimmy picked up the axe and went to work on the pine while Dan and I stepped aside and exchanged notes.

They’d been captured the morning after I’d left camp. He said the Threak had been paying close attention to the area in the preceding days, but didn’t find it out of the ordinary. They simply hunkered down as they had a dozen times before and settled in to wait the warbirds out. Then, one morning after sunrise a squad of troopers stepped out of the brush, surrounded the camp and, well, that was that. Much to his surprise, instead of killing them on the spot, they were marched out to a clearing where a shuttle stood waiting.

Upon his arrival at the air base he was separated from his family and the questioning began. I was surprised to hear that my name had come up in the proceedings. Apparently, the Threak know who I am and find me important enough to call me out by name.

I’m flattered.

He was questioned about me repeatedly, but he told them he’d never heard of me, had never seen me and had only heard about the shuttle crash second hand.

Whether or not they believed him, he hadn’t a clue. Another round of interrogation was scheduled for the next day, – one that promised to be less hospitable and more in depth, but the storm intervened and, mercifully, saw that appointment broken.

Once again, thank you Mother Nature.

Later in the morning I paid Ross a visit and was happy to see that he d assembled one of the 2-way radios and had it up and running. Well, almost up and running, he can listen, but he can’t send. He has someone stationed by the receiver at all times and not only have they logged my broadcasts, but those of others as well.

A network is being born.

Another good day.



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