A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #108

A Year Underfoot


December 18th, 2033

Low clouds and a light drizzle have made the day’s journey a pleasant one. As I’d hoped, Dan and Maureen had no problem taking in Rachel and Jessie, and for that I am eternally grateful. They never cease to amaze me and I owe them more than they’ll ever know.

After spending part of the early morning packing up provisions, – nearly all of our food stuffs, blankets, and the like, we hiked north to meet Dan in the woods north of Ventura. He’d graciously volunteered to meet us halfway, and for that I’m much appreciative. I can get back to the fight that much sooner.

The kids had a hard time leaving Caleb behind, but when I explained the reasons behind the move and why they couldn’t stay with me, they seemed to understand. I promised to look over Caleb every day and I think that gave them some comfort.  In time they’ll understand.

Rain is still falling and after this short respite we’ll continue north. The skies are Threak free and road ahead is flat and with any luck the rest of the trip will be uneventful.

Wouldn’t that be nice?



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