A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #120

A Year Underfoot


January 1st, 2034

It’s the first day of the New Year and another day above ground. The warbirds have been lighting up the skies all day, and even if I didn’t know something was brewing, – I’d have known something was brewing. It’s that obvious. They’re buzzing around, flexing their muscles and gearing up for something big.

It looks as if the Sierra round-up is under way.

After sunset I’m heading down to the air base to take a look for myself. I’ll be able to tell straight off if something’s shaking by the traffic on the Interstate, – if the troop transports are rolling north with a heavy air escort, then it’s game on. Its that simple. The Threak only have two speeds, on and off.

I’ll be taking the 2-way radio with me, – at least part of the way. I’ll stash it in a safe place somewhere between the Interstate and the cabin. It’s the best I can come up with, I certainly can’t lug the radio and the car battery with me everywhere I go, nor can I run back to the cabin every time I have some information to pass along. I’ll have to find a safe place along the way to hide it and that will be that.

I’ll keep a little food stashed there as well.

I’ve done a quick inventory of what firepower I have left and I’m down to a few pounds of C-4, a couple of Molotov cocktails and a few dozen rounds for my .357. Not much to speak of. There’s a crossbow at the cabin, but I would need a lot more practice before I’d ever place my life in the hands of my archery skills.



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