A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #138

A Year Underfoot


January 29th, 2034

I fired up the radio last night and it seems the Threak are still sweeping through the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the hunt for slave labor. As far as anyone can tell they’re coming up empty handed. Between the bad weather and the prescient warning, the numbers of those captured in the alien campaign has been mercifully low.

Radio scuttlebutt has the Threak settling in to wait out the winter, but I don’t see that happening. If there’s one thing I take away from watching the Threak up close is that they don’t settle in and wait things out . When they’re standing still they get spooked, and when they get spooked, they always move.

There was also news of a raid staged on the air base east of Denver. It was carried out by the same bunch who’d ambushed a convoy a few weeks back, – which, by all accounts, was also a smashing success. They managed to destroy a number of warbirds, or screeching weasels, as they call them, but paid a heavy price for it. In all, forty-four men were either killed, or captured and the now entire mid-west is swarming with troopers and warbirds, so many, in fact, other areas in the country are reporting a light enemy presence, and as a result, have stepped up strikes of their own.

Maybe the Denver raid is the catalyst to get an organized and effective resistance movement going.

I hope so. We’ll have to get organized if we hope to prevail.


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