A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #140

A Year Underfoot


February 1st, 2034

I thought I was prepared for what I would find.

Guess again.

I knew Los Angeles had been destroyed. I was under no illusion that any part of her had been spared. I had seen the fires, and felt the heat of the flames myself, but I had no idea what destroyed really meant, or really looked like until today. After a full day of wandering through the twisted rubble of my former hometown and gazing out over the flat, gray, ash-strewn landscape, I can only describe destroyed as, well, complete, absolute and surreal.

There is no vegetation. There are no birds. There are no bugs. There is no life, – non-whatsoever. There s only quiet desolation, – a deep gray quiet desolation.

I stuck close to the PCH and followed the transports south and as we neared the rubble of Santa Monica it occurred to me were they were heading, – Los Angeles International Airport.

LAX, of course, – flat, open tarmac.

And, a few miles later my suspicions were confirmed when I was greeted by smaller, yet fully functional Threak base rising up from the ashes of LAX.

What are they doing down here?


About paul nevins

Fiction writer, reader and baseball fan.
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