A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #146

A Year Underfoot


February 8th, 2034

The installation at LAX is a production plant.

That’s my best guess.

From a distance, the facility has all the outward appearances of a refining plant and whatever it is they’re processing inside needs seawater, and lots of it. Whether it’s as a component, or a coolant, I’m not quite sure. What I am sure of, – the twelve large pipes, – all at least thirty feet in diameter, leading from the western edge of the plant and extending into San Pedro Bay almost a quarter of a mile away, are necessary to keep the operation running.

Knock out the pipes, knock out the plant. Simple enough.

I snuck in for a closer look and my worst fears were confirmed. The Threak were using human slave labor. I watched work gangs of destitute men chained together, loading and unloading transports. All were emaciated and moving slow and I had no doubt their living conditions were squalid at best. How many toiled inside I hadn’t a clue.

The battleship may just have to wait.

February 8th, 2034
(second entry)

I’m not the only one out here in No Mans Land. I caught sight of a figure darting through the rubble and gave chase, but whomever, or whatever, was long gone.

Still, I’m sure I saw something. I’ll have to keep a sharper eye out, if that s even possible.


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