A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #159

A Year Underfoot


February 27th, 2034

Today was a good day.

I made Wolfe’s place before noon and I’m happy to report Rachel, -and especially Jessie, are flourishing under Dan and Maureen’s care. They’re happy, healthy, and more importantly, there’s a light in their eyes. They are living, not merely surviving. It takes the weight off of my shoulders knowing I made the right decision in bringing them here, – even if I wasn’t aware I was making the right decision, or carrying a weight around in the first place.

Dan tells me the Threak’s foray into the mountains was a bust, – sure, they picked up a few stragglers here and there, but nowhere near the numbers they were looking for, – so, as far as the raping of the planet goes, they’re going to have to do that on their own. They’ll find no help here.

During the enemy’s incursion into the Sierras, the underground infrastructure, i.e., the obtaining of food, supplies, and information was temporarily shut down while the troopers banged about, but once the fuzzies , -as Jessie calls them, left the mountains, the networks sprang back stronger than ever. The airwaves crackled with life and the invincible mystique of the all-conquering Threak has been taken down a few notches.

Everyday, more and more people are waking up to the belief we can defeat them.

And, we will defeat them, make no mistake.

I told Dan all about my trip south and the seawater connection. He said he’d always wondered what they ate and drank and it looks like the question of drink might be partially solved, but as for what they eat, I can only guess, and, I try not to go there. I’m not quite sure I want to know the answer.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exchanging information and kicking about the idea of coordinating an attack on the air base in early May. The time is right and spirits are high, it’s time we gave it back to the enemy in spades.

Dinner was served promptly at seven and Maureen and the girls made a venison and vegetable stew that tasted better than anything I’ve ever eaten in my life, -pre-invasion included. And, I’m not just saying that because I’ve been on a steady diet of fish jerky and rainwater, I mean, this meal was epic, one for the ages. Boiled carrots and potatoes in gravy, bread and butter, – nuff said. I’m making myself hungry all over again.

My belly is full. It’s late and I’m tired. Lights out.

It’s good to be amongst friends.


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