A YEAR UNDERFOOT – entry #208

A Year Underfoot


May 24th, 2034

I’ve hiked up the coast and made Oxnard this morning. I’m on the prowl for new gear. All I was able to escape with were my blaster, my side arm, and the clothes on my back. I need a little bit of everything, starting with food and fresh water.

Oxnard looks the same as I left it a few months ago, –destroyed. I’ve been keeping a keen eye out for the dog pack, but I suspect many of them have died off by now. I haven’t seen a trace of them, but I’m keeping my .357 at the ready just the same.

I filtered through the neighborhoods east of Main Street and worked my way from house to house. Every property had been picked over, naturally, but I did manage to scrounge up some necessary items, most notably, a nearly full tube of toothpaste and a pair of wool socks.

I’m one step closer to being civilized. Ha!

I haven’t come across any food, or weapons, – the two commodities I need the most, but I did find a decent pair of hiking boots that’ll come in handy somewhere down the line.


About paul nevins

Fiction writer, reader and baseball fan.
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